No matter how old you are right now, you need to know about the most common risks for personal injury in each age group in Mobile, Alabama. You need to know about your own most serious risks, the most serious risks to your children, your grandchildren, your parents, etc. The more aware you are of those risks and their potential to cause harm, the better prepared you are to prevent personal injuries to yourself and your loved ones. Let’s take a look at the injuries that we are all in danger of experiencing from infancy through childhood into adulthood and old age.

Most Frequent Causes of Injury to Infants and Toddlers in Mobile

Infants and toddlers are the most at risk for injuries, particularly when those who are caring for them are not attentive and cautious. More people are seriously injured in their first year of life than at any other stage of development. Half of all infants who suffer from fatal injuries in the first year of life are under the age of four months old when the injury happens. 40% of deaths are caused by asphyxiation involving liquid foods, vomit, and small items. The more mobile the child becomes, the greater their risk of choking on a small toy or other small item. They also become more at risk for ingesting toxic substances, for falling down steps or off of toys, and for getting caught in ropes and defective infant products.  Another leading cause of infant injury and death is found in auto accidents. These incidents are the cause of over 20% of all fatal injuries to infants. It is essential to buckle all small children in the appropriate car seat based on their age, weight, and height to minimize the likelihood of such injuries.

Most Frequent Causes of Injury to Grade School Age Children in Mobile, Alabama

The hazards that are most likely to cause injury to grade school age children in Mobile, Alabama, change as the child grows older. In the earliest years, there are still greater risks of choking or consuming toxic materials. They are also at greater risk of scald injuries from hot food and drinks, and more likely to sustain burn injuries by touching a stove or a heater, for example. They are more at risk for drowning in the years before they learn to swim but while they are not as carefully watched as they were as infants.

As kids get older and pass through first grade and beyond, they become at greater risk for pedestrian auto accidents, solo bicycle accidents, falls from heights, broken bones, and falls from other equipment. ATVs, for example, have injured more than 56K children since 1982, resulting in guidelines that children should not be using ATVs until they are at least 14 years old. By this time, they should have the strength and judgment to be safe. It is also important to make sure that children wear helmets when riding bikes and are taught to pay close attention to traffic when walking.

Most Frequent Causes of Injury to High School Age Children in Mobile, AL

Teenagers have outgrown the high likelihood of many injuries that may occur to smaller children. They are more experienced pedestrians and less likely to get into a pedestrian accident (though not entirely without risk). They are less likely to choke or drown. However, being a teenager comes with its own new set of risks that frequently lead to fatal injuries. For example, most people learn to drive when they are teenagers, and these inexperienced drivers are that much more likely to get into an auto accident. Teens are also more likely to experiment with drugs and drinking, contributing to hazardous situations. Close to 80% of teenage deaths are caused by auto accidents.

Another thing that changes for high school students is that sports become more competitive and physical. The leading cause of nonfatal injury in high school students is found in sports like football and basketball. Even baseball and roller skating are leading sources of teen injury. Some examples of common injuries to teens include traumatic brain injuries and fractured bones.

Most Frequent Causes of Injury to Adults in Mobile, Alabama

Young adults, between the ages of 18 and 24 face many of the same risks that high school student do. In fact, some of these risks can be higher due to the fact that many young adults have access to more harmful substances and activities than teenagers do. The likelihood of getting into an auto accident as a young adult is comparable to that of a teenager. As adults get older, however, their likelihood of such injuries drops. They become more at risk of work related injuries, sprains or strained muscles, and injuries related to violence and abuse.

Elderly adults are at a much greater risk than young adults and middle aged adults. Aging comes with a unique set of risks that include an increased likelihood of sustaining fall related injuries and an increased susceptibility to fractured bones. This is because people can lose their balance as they get older and experience conditions like osteoporosis that weaken their bones. In many cases, elderly adults require ongoing and consistent care to ensure that they do not experience unnecessary falls. For those who suffer from conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the risks of falling, getting lost, being abused, or experiencing other forms of harm are increased even more.

There are also added risks for senior citizens who take certain medications that may impair their cognitive functioning and cause fatigue, dizziness, and other issues. The elderly are also at greater risk of auto accidents in these cases. They also face hazards in their everyday activities, such as cooking or shopping. Even bathing can become a dangerous activity when someone has reached a state of health that requires ongoing assistance. When it comes to the elderly, it is up to their loved ones and their doctors to pay careful attention to their health, abilities, and needs for assistance.

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