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The southeast consists of numerous navigable waterways. Among theses waterways are the Tennessee River, Mississippi River, Black Warrior River, Cumberland River, Tombigbee River, Tenn-Tom Waterway, Chattahoochee River, Mobile River, and the Ohio River. In addition, it consists of several ports in the Huntsville, Florence, Memphis, Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Bridgeport, Axis, Demopolis, Selma, Montgomery, Guntersville, Phenix City, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Paducah areas, just to name a few. Should you be injured in any of these particular areas, your claim could be a maritime claim.

If you’re injured on commercially navigable waters or you happen to be injured for the duration of your employment aboard a commercial vessel or as a harbor worker, your claim could also be a maritime injury claim. Since this kind of law is extremely specialized, you should make certain to decide on a maritime accidents lawyer with experience and knowledge concerning maritime injury claims.

Should you or a loved one be injured during the duration of your employment on a ship at sea or at port, your claim could also fall under maritime law. The specifics in this area of law are typically different than those that apply to other kinds of injuries such as those suffered in auto accidents. The maritime accident attorneys at Charles McCorquodale Law are knowledgeable in this sort of law and stand prepared to assist you.

If you believe that you have been injured during the duration of your employment on a boat or ship, Charles McCorquodale Law is proud to represent injured crewmembers around the boats and ships that serve Southeast’s navigable waters. Should you work on a push boat, tugboat, barge, crew boat, ship or other vessel you could be entitled to unique compensations under the Jones Act due to breach of the warranty of seaworthiness?

A seaman who becomes ill or injured for the duration of service on their ship will likely be entitled to a form of compensation referred to as “Maintenance and Cure.” The seaman could also be entitled to compensation of day to day living expenditure, health-related expenditures, and unearned wages until maximum medical improvement is achieved.

Should you be injured due to the carelessness of your employer, you could possess a cause of action beneath the Jones Act. According to the Jones act, an injured seaman has a cause of action against their employer for injuries brought on by the employer’s lack of diligence. This lack of diligence can typically consist of things like dysfunctional railings, ladders, lighting, and gear; as well as a low amount of such items. Additionally, it involves improper education and a lack of supervision by your employer.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal law that gives unique protections and rights to seamen. The Jones Act enables a seaman who suffers an injury within the course of their employment to acquire maintenance and cure compensation and also to deliver a civil action against their employer. Our Mobile, Alabama, Jones Act maritime accident lawyers can clarify its provisions to you and talk about your choices under the Act.

A Seamans’ Rights

Don’t settle for the employer’s rendition of one’s rights. Seamen take pleasure in a number of rights under the Jones Act. Of those rights, possibly the most crucial right, is the seaman’s right to obtain maintenance and cure compensation irrespective of fault.

By law, seamen who suffer injury are entitled to obtain maintenance and cure compensation. Maintenance and cure payments consist of monetary compensation for an injured seaman’s health-related expenditures, reimbursements for physical therapy, the recovery of misplaced wages and an every day stipend for any seaman’s residing expenditures through the seaman’s entire recovery period. An injured seaman is entitled to obtain these payments until he or she reaches a level of optimal improvement.

The responsible owner of a vessel has a duty to supply a seaworthy vessel. Should you be injured due to the fact that the owner failed to supply a seaworthy vessel, you could possibly posses a claim for compensation.

The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act frequently covers Crane Operators, Stevedores, Longshoremen, and Harbor Workers, who operate in ports on or around the navigable waters of the United States of America.

The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act offers compensations comparable to (but typically greater than), most states workers compensation laws. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act will not call for the employer to become at fault and makes it possible for the employee to acquire compensation if they are injures even whilst operating in any of the aforementioned occupations. This compensation consists of disability payments, healthcare expenditures, and vocational rehabilitation benefits and, God forbid, in the case of death, appropriate benefits to a surviving spouse or surviving dependents.

Offshore Drilling Injuries in Mobile

Offshore drilling can tend to be quite hazardous. Consequentially, offshore drilling related injuries and deaths can involve a sleuth of complex laws, such as the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the Death on High Seas Act, The Jones Act (mentioned above), and the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act (also mentioned above). Should you or a loved one be injured in an offshore drilling accident, you will need a maritime accidents lawyer with all of the ability and expertise necessitated to navigate these complicated waters. The attorneys at Charles McCorquodale Law can be of assistance.

Cruise Ship Injuries in Alabama

Maritime law typically covers injuries that take place on cruise ships. These injuries can consist of slip and falls, health-related negligence, food poisoning, and injuries on shore excursions as well as other tragic situations. Furthermore, cruise lines typically insert legal technicalities into the fine print of their cruise contracts that create limitations on when and exactly where lawsuits can possibly be brought forward against them. In the case that you have been injured aboard a cruise ship, it is truly essential to find a maritime accidents lawyer with the appropriate expertise in maritime law that will enable him or her to navigate these technicalities. We at Charles McCorquodale Law have represented men and women injured aboard cruise ships and stand prepared to assist you.

Recreational Boating Accidents in Mobile, AL

Every single year, recreational boaters suffer from injuries or endure death as a result of carelessness or failure to comply with the guidelines of navigation of other vessel operators. Accidents involving ski boats, fishing boats, jet skis, and comparable crafts can involve varying distinctive guidelines than that of an automobile accident or other such personal injury situations and can fall below admiralty law. Because of this, in case you or a loved one should suffer any injury during the transpiration of a boating accident, you ought to seek the advice of a maritime accidents lawyer seasoned and skilled in maritime law.

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