Physical injuries can be compensated in Mobile, Alabama, personal injury claims if someone else’s negligence caused them. The compensation can cover your medical expenses, your property damage, your lost wages, and much more. These damages, along with any other actual financial expenditures and losses, are your economic damages. You can also recover compensation for injured feelings when it comes to pain and suffering, psychological trauma, and loss of the quality of life. In wrongful death claims, you can also get compensation for loss of consortium or companionship. These are your non-economic damages. It is important here to differentiate between hurt feelings that are not related to a physical injury, such as insults or betrayal, and hurt feelings that are associated with a physical injury, such as trauma and pain and suffering. You cannot file a personal injury claim for hurt feelings that involve being mistreated by someone else, but you can get compensation for the feelings associated with a physical injury. Further, if you were insulted in such a way that your reputation was damaged, as in slander or libel cases, then you can seek compensation for any damages associated with this.

You Can Recover Compensation for Pain and Suffering in Mobile, Alabama, Personal Injury Claims

One of the most commonly discussed forms of compensation that you can recover in a personal injury claim as relates to your feelings is the pain and suffering that are associated with physical injuries. Any serious injury is going to result in some amount of pain and suffering. It is not easy to place a value on such feelings, but it is entirely possible. In fact, because these damages are difficult to quantify, they are often among the most debated in personal injury settlement negotiations. To establish the severity and value of your pain and suffering, your attorney and the insurance company are going to be taking into account all of your medical records and treatment, any medications that are required for pain, and witness statements from those who have observed you in recovery from the injuries.

You Can Recover Compensation for Emotional Distress in Mobile, Alabama, Personal Injury Claims

Emotional distress and psychological trauma are other aspects of many Mobile, Alabama, personal injury claims.

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These are not the same as pain and suffering because they go beyond the actual physical pain and suffering of the injuries. For example, if you sustained burn injuries, you would want to seek compensation for the physical pain and suffering of those injuries. If you were on fire for any amount of time and your body was burned, then you are likely to be psychologically and emotionally scarred by the experience. If you lost a limb, the same is true. Not only do you have physical pain and suffering from such an injury, but you will also have a tremendous amount of mental anguish and psychological distress in accepting the severity of your loss and coping with your new way of life. You may even have post-traumatic stress disorder from the experience of losing a limb, grief for the lost quality of life, and depression.

Then, there are cases where a wrongful death occurs, where you have lost a loved one, and you must go on with life without them. These situations result in a terrible grief that many people struggle to overcome. Losing a loved one is no light matter, and you can often recover compensation for the emotional damage of your grief and unbearable pain of loss. Many victims in personal injury claims are suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief. These injured feelings can be compensated through your Mobile, Alabama, personal injury claim.

You Can Recover Compensation for Defamation in Mobile, Alabama, Personal Injury Claims

A lot of people want to know if they can get compensation in a personal injury claim for hurt feelings that are severe enough to warrant legal action. This all depends on how the damage occurred and whether any other damage was involved. In cases of bullying and harassment, there are legal actions that you can take. Further, in cases where your character and reputation have been defamed, you may be able to seek compensation through a defamation lawsuit.

Proving Emotional Distress and Psychological Suffering in Mobile, Alabama, Personal Injury Claims

There are many ways to prove emotional distress and psychological suffering in a Mobile, Alabama, personal injury claim. For instance, you can provide mental health reports from a psychiatrist or therapist. You can also use your physician’s records of your treatment that may indicate psychological suffering. If you have family or friends who have been there for you through the suffering, then their witness statements can also provide evidence that the damage is real. You can even keep a personal diary or journal to log your experiences over time as you recover. In cases where medication is prescribed to treat mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, or PTSD, these records will also be relevant to your personal injury claim for psychological and emotional trauma.

All of this evidence will be useful, not only in proving that the damage exists, but in proving the value of that damage. You will be able to recover compensation for economic damages associated with mental health treatment and medication. You will also be able to recover non-economic damages associated with your trauma, grief, and lost quality of life. The higher your economic damages are for these issues, the greater the value of your suffering is likely to be in your settlement negotiations.

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