Nobody expects to get hurt on the job. Having a workplace accident causes a big headache that will leave you unable to work and with mounting medical bills. However, workers’ compensation protects you and keeps things running smoothly even if an accident does occur. 

We have all seen the workers’ compensation posters, but have you ever really read the text? Chances are you have not. So, if you’ve experienced a workplace accident or injury you may be wondering what happens next. Let’s talk about what steps to take and how to know if you are eligible for workers’ compensation due to your accident. 

Seek medical attention if you need it. Do not hesitate! If you are uncertain about what injuries you sustained, visit an available ER or seek immediate medical attention (as you provide notice of your injury to your employer). If you delay getting the medical attention you need you could potentially make your injuries worse. Always listen to the advice of medical professionals.

Report the injury. Important that you report the injury to your supervisor(s) right away. You may hesitate and think the injury isn’t severe enough, but it’s a crucial step. Report the accident quickly to ensure you are able to receive workers’ compensation. Make sure you speak to a representative of the employer about the statute of limitations or to someone with knowledge about the appropriate steps to take for your medical examination, appropriate treatment for your injuries and the appropriate steps for workers’ compensation.

Find out if you can file a claim. If injured on the job and your employer has workers’ compensation, you can file a claim, however; there are circumstances where you may not be eligible. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or the injury was due to your own negligence you may not be eligible. If you are not sure if you have workers’ compensation or the right to file a claim you can speak with your employer and also an attorney. 

File a claim. Important you prepare to file your claim for workers’ compensations ASAP. If your employer refuses or avoids any effort to report to Workers’ Compensation or presents an issue with your request for workers’ compensation or even refuses to believe or attempts to deny your request for workers’ compensation you will need to seek legal representation. 

An attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation law can assist you. An experienced attorney will document everything correctly and make sure you receive compensation for time off, medical expenses and any other expenses that may apply to your case. 

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