There are about 6 million car accidents in the US every year, 2 million of which end up with the driver permanently injured. To avoid and mitigate some of the pain, we hire insurance companies hoping they’d be there for us in our time of need. However, these companies will sometimes refuse to pay or even negotiate with us. When that happens, we’ll have to hire an auto accident injury attorney.

Sure, we could try to read up on the laws and figure out a strategy to fight the case by ourselves. The procedure is often quite arduous and could cause us to drop the case altogether. However, an attorney could help us every step of the way, and ensure we get a settlement we’re happy with. So, let’s see what are the benefits of hiring an attorney, over arguing the case ourselves.

Accident Type

Similarly to doctors, lawyers have their fields of specialty, and there’s even a divide between the ones that specialize in accidents. We should hire a lawyer with a focus and experience in vehicle-related accidents to ensure the best result possible. These are the attorneys that can help us reach the settlement we want to, and at a fraction of the time and cost.

Experience in Dealing with Car Insurance Companies

We might think that our insurance company has our best interest at heart, but let’s not forget that they also have a business to run. The goal of most such companies is to make more money. Therefore, they don’t like giving it away unless they absolutely have to. What’s more, they employ legal teams that specialize in defending the types of cases that require them to pay up.

The majority of us don’t deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, but auto accident injury attorneys do. They’ll understand the process of reaching a settlement and tell us what to expect before the case even starts. Best of all, they can’t be intimidated by big companies and their legal teams.

Experience in Auto Accident Injuries

Lawyers who specialize in vehicle-related accidents know the best course of action for us to take. Moreover, they’ll advise us on what medical tests we need to ask our doctor for in order to reach a settlement.

Additionally, they’ll understand the short-term and long-term consequences of our accident and know how to argue them. Considering all of these factors, an attorney will know if we’ve reached a fair settlement or need to keep on arguing the case.

Court Experience

When all settlement meetings fail, and the insurance company won’t offer us a fair deal —  we’ll have to take our case to court. When this happens, we’ll need someone with great experience that will be able to convince a judge to rule in our favor. An experienced attorney will also ensure a speedy resolution to the case and won’t stop until we’re happy with the outcome.


If we go through the process of filing and arguing a case, only to end up losing it — the costs could be detrimental. However, an auto accident injury attorney will typically only take a percentage of our settlement or charge a flat retainer fee. In doing so, we can feel more comfortable knowing that they stand to gain much more if they win our case.

Final Thoughts

Many of us enjoy TV shows about lawyers and think we could argue a case ourselves if we had to. And, in some cases, this might even be true. However, dealing with vehicle-related accidents and insurance companies is a bit trickier.

Most lawyers who specialize in this field have invaluable experience that will help us get a settlement. So, there are many benefits of retaining an auto accident injury attorney, and we should consider hiring one if we don’t want to walk away empty-handed.

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