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Workers compensation lawyer in Mobile AlabamaFrequently Asked Questions About Worker’s Compensation in Mobile, Alabama

Most of us have heard of worker’s compensation, as it is something that should be offered within any kind of job. Regardless of where you have worked, if it ever involved any type of manual labor, it is likely that there will have been information available through posters and fliers about worker’s compensation. However, most of us never really look at them because we don’t expect to get hurt or injured while on the job. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and if you are involved in accident and it leaves you with medical expenses and an inability to work either temporarily or permanently, then you have the option to file a claim.

This may leave you with a number of questions. It is important to familiarize yourself with the process. Your supervisor should be able to provide you with some details, and the following FAQs may also be of benefit.

  1. What Is Workers’ Compensation and Why Do I Need It?
    Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance available to help those who are injured during an accident on the job. Employers enroll in these programs to ensure that their employees can make a financial claim for compensation if they get hurt. This, in turn, allows them to fully recover.
  2. How Do I Know If I Can Make a Claim?
    If your employer has workers’ compensation and you are hurt on the job, you can file a claim. Not everybody is eligible for a claim, however, and this is determined by the circumstances of your accident. This is also why it is beneficial to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you.
  3. When Will I Not Be Able to Use Workers’ Compensation?
    If you already have a medical condition, they will not be covered by the plan. Additionally, if you are injured due to your own negligence, for instance, if you have used alcohol or drugs, you will also not be eligible. Similarly, if you caused the accident, workers’ compensation will not apply to you.
  4. I’ve Sustained an Injury – Now What?
    The first thing you must do is inform your manager about the accident. If medical attention is required, witnesses should be interviewed as well. Your employer is responsible for keeping all the details of the actual injury as well as your recovery, noting how long you were not able to work. They should also tell you whether you are entitled to any form of compensation. This may also be the time when you may want to speak to a workers’ compensation attorney. This legal expert will make sure that the right documentation is collected and that you are compensated for your time off, medical expenses, and more.
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