Commercial trucking accidents are nobody’s idea of fun, but they do happen with increasing frequency. If you’ve had the misfortune of living through one, you know how devastating they can get. Still, there are legal specialists ready to help you deal with the aftermath. If in need of an 18-wheeler crash lawyer in Mobile, Alabama, at least you aren’t starved for options.

Looking at the latest TSAR statistics, there are well over 100,000 car accidents per year in Alabama. Driver fatigue causes about 2,000 of those, and over seven hundred have a fatal outcome. Separating truck wrecks from passenger vehicle accidents is the extent of the destruction. They affect a greater number of lives and cause greater property damage.

From a legal standpoint, it can also be harder to establish liabilities in case of a truck crash. Under the tort system, the court must determine who’s at fault before paying any damages. And that’s exactly why a survivor of a truck wreck seeking damages would be best served by a local law firm.

If you’ve experienced a major truck crash as a driver or as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation. Here’s a brief overview of the legal options available to you in such a situation.

Physical Injuries Suffered

Trucking accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries, so this type of claim is common.  The more debilitating or painful the injury suffered, the stronger the claim may be. For example, spinal cord injuries warrant higher compensation than bruises and sprains do.

Mental Anguish Suffered

Besides physical injuries, the crash may have also affected your mental health and well-being. It’s usually best to leave it to the professionals to define such claims. A truck wreck attorney will let you know whether your trauma could be eligible for compensation, and to which extent.

Medical Expenses Incurred

Your medical bills and insurance adjustments may also be eligible for compensation. Still, in tort states such as Alabama, the court can deny such rights until they establish liability for the accident. That’s why it’s essential to have specialized legal representation. If a truck crash attorney expedites the proceedings, your medical expenses might be compensated in time.

Avoiding Undue Liability

As mentioned above, the tort system (also known as “at fault”) is a two-way street. On the one hand, it all but guarantees compensation if you’re not at fault for the accident. On the other, it allows liable parties to muddy the waters. If they assert that different parties share the blame, there will be no compensation until the courts rule one way or another.

These situations are often seen when an 18-wheeler crashes, causing massive property damage. Commercial trucking companies and government agencies complicate the matter, delaying compensation claims.

Who Can You Trust?

Without going into great detail, your best bet is a truck crash attorney with extensive experience in such matters. Only a few firms in the Mobile, AL area offer veteran personal injury lawyers and truck wreck specialists to the extent that  Charles McCorquodale Law does. If you’ve suffered damages in a truck wreck, schedule a free consultation now to see what your options might be.

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