In the US, any employee injured at work can expect some form of compensation. Still, things are rarely as simple as that. People are often poorly informed, assuming that workers’ comp will cover everything. Many will consider legal counsel only after they’re denied coverage.

There is something to be said for universal measures which protect the interests of all workers. However, these don’t always work out exactly as advertised. If you find yourself in poor health and unable to work, you’ll regret not getting legal aid sooner.

If you’re looking for a reliable workplace accident attorney in Mobile, Alabama, you’re on the right track. Here’s a few words of advice, in answer to frequently asked questions.

When to Start Looking

Ideally, right now. Today, while still in good health and able to work for a living. Don’t wait until you’re denied compensation and left jobless. It’s never been easier to find a workplace accident lawyer that offers free consultation: sign up now and get informed.

What to Keep in Mind

You should know what kind of insurance your employer is using, and what types of workplace injury it covers. There is a federal mandate in place on workers’ insurance, but there’s also leeway for some employers. Your workplace injury attorney should also explain to you the danger of under-reporting injuries.

Depending on your place of work, you might need to meet certain conditions to be eligible for compensation. The specifics can vary — have your workplace accident attorney get the details from the company on your behalf.

Filing a Claim

In theory, you can file a compensation claim whenever you’re injured on the job. In practice, the employer can try to deny compensation using various counter-claims. For instance, if you fail a drug test, you might end up ineligible. If your accident at work was related to some preexisting health condition, you might also be denied.

Many workers learn this only when it’s too late. Injured and on leave, waiting for compensation to kick in, it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. That’s why it’s important to find a workplace accident attorney in time.

Discussing Comp Situation with Colleagues

In most cases, this should be fine. In rare instances, however, the employer might call other workers to testify against you. A single careless statement might undermine your case and deny you compensation. Don’t ignore this possibility.

It’s best to discuss all issues with your workplace injury attorney first. Doing that should give you a general sense of what you can and cannot share with others. While there are advantages to shared experiences, you should never jeopardize your claim.

Who Do You Turn To

If in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama, one workplace accident attorney that you can turn to is Charles McCorqudale. A man with a passion for his work, Charles is not looking to profit from the misfortune of others. He charges no fee at all unless the case is won.

Contact our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation today. How you choose to proceed from there will be entirely up to you.

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