There are many reasons why you might have a headache with or without an injury. You may get migraines that seem very serious, but may not be an indication of an injury. You might even get stress headaches. Many headaches come with other symptoms that may or may not be serious. For instance, you might experience vision disturbance, sensitivity to light and sound, or nausea. More frightening symptoms that can come with a headache include slurred speech and loss of consciousness. It is very common for headaches to occur after a serious Mobile, Alabama, auto collision injury. Yet, many people don’t experience symptoms of headaches until hours, days, or even weeks after the collision. Following are some of the most frequent causes of a headache after an auto accident.

A Mobile, Alabama, Auto Collision Injury Could Cause a Post-Traumatic Headache

When someone is injured in a Mobile, Alabama, auto collision, that injury could cause a post-traumatic stress headache. These headaches result from any injury to the neck or shoulders that radiates to the head. Many people will also have symptoms that include a reduced range of motion and general stiffness in the area of injury. Yet, this is one of the most commonly overlooked headaches because other injuries are the center of focus and the headache may not start immediately. Making the situation worse, when someone doesn’t seek treatment for a headache related to an auto accident until weeks after the collision, it can be difficult to prove that it was caused by the collision. That doesn’t make the situation hopeless, just more difficult. Seek treatment as soon as you become aware of the headache.  You may think it will go away, but these kinds of headaches often last for a long time.

A Mobile Auto Accident Injury Could Cause a Concussion Headache

In cases where someone gets a concussion in a Mobile, Alabama, auto collision, a headache is likely to be one of the

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most obvious symptoms. Concussions happen when the brain collides with the skull, and they range from mild to severe. You may have nothing more than a headache and a bit of fatigue or you may be dealing with loss of motor skills, slurred speech, confusion, nausea, and vomiting. If you experience any symptoms of a possible concussion, seek medical treatment right away. It is important for those who have concussions to be monitored, and you can get treatment for the pain. One reason that some people delay treatment for a concussion headache after a Mobile, Alabama, auto accident is that the concussion also causes confusion. That confusion can prevent the injured person from understanding what’s going on and making positive choices about their healthcare. This is why it is so important for the friends and family members of an auto accident victim to pay close attention and watch for any indication that the person may have a concussion or other head injury. If you notice these symptoms in a friend or family member who has been involved in a Mobile, Alabama, auto accident, you should mention your concerns and offer to drive them to the hospital. Do not allow the person to get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle themselves, because they may not be safe to drive.

A Mobile, Alabama, Car Collision Injury Could Cause a Muscle Strain Headache

A Mobile, Alabama, auto collision can also cause muscle strain headaches. These happen when the muscles of the back, neck, or shoulders get spasms because of trauma to the area. These types of headaches are especially common in cases where a person has whiplash, and the pain is usually centered around the base of the skull. An auto accident victim may not be aware of their injury, as many people don’t even know when they have whiplash until the days or weeks following the incident. It is also very common for people to assume that the headache was caused by the accident, but that it is not severe enough to seek treatment. Failing to seek treatment at the earliest signs of injury can cause problems for your auto accident claim and proving that your injury was caused by the collision.

A Mobile, AL, Auto Accident Injury Could Cause a Pinched Nerve Headache

A pinched nerve headache is exactly what it sounds like, a headache that is caused by a pinched nerve. The pinched nerve might be anywhere in the back, shoulders, or neck, and they are especially common in cases where the person has a pre-existing condition. The symptoms that frequently come with pinched nerve headaches include burning sensations, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the limbs.

A Mobile, Alabama, Auto Collision Injury Could Cause a Migraine Headache

Those who get migraine headaches frequently may not see anything out of the ordinary when a migraine follows a Mobile, Alabama, auto accident. Yet, many of the other headaches that we’ve mentioned that may follow an auto accident injury could have similar symptoms. This means that you may only think you have a migraine, when it is really something more serious. Even if it is a migraine and if that migraine resulted from the auto accident, you should still seek medical treatment to manage the pain and have evidence of the pain being caused by the accident. When you seek compensation for your auto accident injuries, you may be able to recover compensation for the pain and suffering of a migraine that follows the incident. For those who do not regularly experience migraine headaches, but start to after an auto accident, this could result in more compensation for the ongoing pain and suffering that you would not have endured without the motor vehicle collision. Some frequent symptoms that come along with migraines include vision disturbance, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness. These headaches can disrupt a person’s life and prevent them from working.

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