If you are looking for a motorcycle accident attorney near Mobile, AL we are here to assist you. All motorcyclists are in love with the freedom they experience riding their bikes on the open road. However most of the time it isn’t the rider at fault in an accident, usually it’s the fault of an unaware automobile driver. Recently these numbers have increased since in this era of excessive mobile phone use. Drivers are illegally handling their phones while driving which has skyrocketed the amount of crashes on the road.
Any motorcycle accident attorney will tell you the increase in numbers are staggering. The fact that some drivers are not focused on the road will inevitably create more serious injuries or road fatalities. Cars have a much wider profile than motorcyclists and therefore have greater visibility compared to motorcycle riders. Female riders are especially at risk because they tend to ride a smaller motorcycle and are even less visible than some larger riders on bigger bikes.

Affordable & Professional motorcycle accident attorney in Mobile, AL

Don’t battle with the insurance companies alone, you need a lawyer who knows the law and can represent you in your position. You need an Affordable & Professional motorcycle accident attorney in Mobile, AL and we understand that if you have been injured in an accident things are not easy for you. Medical bills and the long recovery may include time off from work can make it very hard to get back to a comfortable standpoint financially. Having an experienced lawyer will often times be the factor that makes things work out for you, one outcome is for us to help you get the compensation you deserve and the other possible outcome is that you never get the proper justice and money just gets left that should have been allocated to you.
Hiring a lawyer is the right thing to do if you have been compromised, but finding the right lawyer is not necessarily easy to do, we can assist you. We highly recommend that you do not fight the battle with the insurance company on your own. Reach out to us, visit our contact page immediately to receive proven legal expert advice from our team of advocates that specializes in getting compensation for motorcyclists who have been injured in auto related accidents.

Circumstances that Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Even the most experienced riders are inevitably at the whim of the many dangerous factors on the road. Most motorcycle riders are aware of these factors, but some are less obvious and knowing about them can play a major role in keeping you safe. We want you to be safe on the road regardless of the circumstance that you have come across this article, please be aware of these factors.

Unaware Drivers will Cause an Accident

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, the driver of an automobile is the major fail point in most auto accidents. They would be the number one reason that you need to seek a motorcycle accident attorney in Mobile, AL. Each year there are thousands of motorcyclists hurt just from cars making maneuvers in front of them and then inevitably the motorcyclist is forced to make corrections that may put them into oncoming traffic or set them in the direction of an obstacle.

Road Hazards are the Responsibility of the State, not yours

Road Hazards are the second biggest threat to all motorcyclists. The state and city governments are supposed to keep the road in safe shape for all users but often times it may be that only cars are the ones they seem to look out for. Sometimes the state can literally be at fault for your motorcycle accidents. Road conditions should be free of construction elements and cones should be placed with an obvious purpose. Many times the improper arrangement of detour signs can cause confusion and lead to an accident.

Other Riders may Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists will sometimes travel in groups with other riders on their individual bikes. This is one of the high points of being a rider but sometimes this is when things can go wrong. If the riders are not fitted with headsets to talk and hear each other then good communication is nearly impossible. Bikers in groups will tend to ride side-by-side and this can inevitably lead to the collision of two riders. Sometimes a female rider may be hassled by an admiring biker and sometimes this can lead to dismay. If another rider you do not know was out for a joy-ride and pulls up next to you and amidst their fun and questionable intentions, please be sure to get the advice you need and reach out to us for the best motorcycle accident attorney Near Mobile, AL.

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