Museums To See In Mobile AL

If you have always had a distinct taste for the finer things in life then Mobile, Al is the ideal place to visit. Each of their museums is unique and provides their own tale of a specific period in Mobile’s history. If your goal is to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for Mobile’s culture, history and its people, then a trip to any one of these museums will get that task done.

  • Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Carnival Museum aims to magnify the history of Mardi Gras. At the Mobile Carnival Museum, you are offered a firsthand experience of the Mobile County’s rich history and carnival traditions. On display they have original designs of majestic crowns, sceptres and robes of Mardi Gras monarchs.

Mobile Carnival Museum strives to offer an experience, where visitors get to participate in a behind the mask view of the street party; which can only be achieved through climbing aboard a rocking float. Their little mystic den offers guest the opportunity of becoming a costumed youth rider, and their pictorial gallery provides a display of historical photographs dating back to 1886.

  • Mobile Museum of Art

The Mobile Museum of Art’s mission is to educate, engage and enrich; through the arts. This museum was found in 1963 and since its establishment it has evolved to become the only accredited art museum in south Alabama. The Mobile Museum of Art features over 10,000 artworks inclusive of painting, sculpture, decorative arts, works on paper and crafts.

In 2014 the Mobile Museum of Art celebrated its 50th anniversary. In celebration the Mobile Museum of Art hosted its 50th anniversary exhibition and pubic arts festival entitled: the Art and Design of Mardi Gras; at which they launched a capital campaign to renovate and reinstall its public spaces.

  • Mobile Medical Museum

The Mobile Medical Museum was founded By a Dr. Samuel Eichold II in 1962. The main purpose of the Mobile Medical Museum is to preserve and exhibit medical artefacts and archives, with the goal of commemorating Mobile’s prominent place in the history of medical education and public health in the state of Alabama.

The Mobile Medical Museum was established with a collection of medical artefacts donated by Mrs. Patricia Heustis Paterson, who was the daughter of a mobile physician; called Dr. James Heustis. The collection at the Mobile Medical Museum provides a broad understanding of the evolution of the art and science of health care.

  • Richards DAR House

The Richards DAR House was built in 1860 and tells the story of Mobile during its antebellum period. The original owners of the Richards DAR House were; Steamboat Captain Charles G. Richards and Caroline Elizabeth Steele. The descendants of this couple sold the Richards DAR House to the Ideal Cement Company in 1946.

The Richards DAR House was then turned over to the city of Mobile, and this is when the five Mobile Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution leased the home; turning it into the Period Home Museum it is today.

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