Best Outdoor Activities in Mobile AL

Participation in outdoor recreational activities is recommended for people of every age, size and cultural group. One of the more obvious advantages of performing outdoor activities is that it always involves some sort of physical exercise.

What you might not realize is that some outdoor activities provide social benefits. Participating in outdoor activities facilitates building of new, current and old friendship; this is owed to the fact that when a group of people have a particular activity which they continuously engage in they become closer.

In addition to its social benefits, outdoor activities are effective stress reducers and prevent some cases of depression. Continuous physical activity is known to reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.

Among Mobile’s best qualities are the ranges of outdoor activities which can be undertaken throughout the year.

  • Camping

For many years the camping trip has been taken by a range of people for a variety of reasons. Mobile, Alabama offers its share of beautiful parks and campsites, all of which will be effective in making your camping experience a memorable one.

A notable campground is the Mobile Chickasabogue Park. This park is 1,100 acres, and with this large landscape the Chickasabogue Park efficiently facilitates the undertaking of a wide variety of outdoor activities in its natural settings.

  • Rock Climbing

Though Rock Climbing is an outdoor activity, it has developed an indoor presents which is just as rewarding as its outdoor counterpart. Rock Climbing is an all-round activity that is both physically and mentally demanding.

Rock Climbing is a thrilling experience that targets your strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control. Indoor Rock Climbing provides all the experiences and benefits of outdoor rock climbing at a far lesser risk.

Some of the best Rock Climbing in Mobile takes place at: Planet Fitness, Wellness Center and Perdido Kid’s Park.

  • Cycling

Cycling is a fun and healthy outdoor activity, that if done on a regular basis helps to protect you from falling victim to serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

Mobile has a diverse collection of trails, which all aid in the provision of a fun and heart pumping cycling experience. Some of the more known cycling trails in Mobile are: Catman Road Trail, cotton bayou trail, Eastern Shore Trail and Fort Morgan Road Trail.

  • Fishing

Though this is not a widely known fact fishing has the ability to improve motor skills, enhance coordination and teaches perseverance. Fishing, when done right, has the ability to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Some of the best fishing spots in Mobile are: Johnny’s RV Resort, Fairhope Municipal Pier, Bay Front Park and Fish River.

  • Hiking

Hiking provides all the benefits that other outdoor activities provide such as an improved cardio-respiratory fitness, improved muscular fitness, lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke and a lower risk of high blood pressure.

Hiking also provides an experience of oneness with nature, where you are cut off from the fast paste and reintroduced to the roots of civilization. Some of the best hiking trails in Mobile are: The Chickasabogue Park Trail, The Historic Blakeley State Park Trail and The Meaher State Park Trail.

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